We cover the best stocks in the pharma industry leading in the world today. The Veritas Group owns shares of and recommends higher purchase as the demands surpluses supply.

Media Network

Medias playing the main role has upgraded the game as even rare viewers has increased. Shares are the best to play in now.


Happenings but nevertheless technology are used in all sectors despite the breakdown, veritas has increased and studied well the tech leaders in bringing vast differences.


Not the main trade concentration now, but somehow these are increasing taste in the eye of top commerce, some enjoy the money but at veritas traders enjoy the share unit.

Veritas Database

Veritas wants you to identify our profitable trading opportunities from over 10000 companies ruling our planet.

Easy steps-once approved, find the leading companies in our selected list and profit from them using our auto detect list. These shares are not publicly traded, these are private shares and hedge shares which are owned,controlled and funded by the International Veritas Group.


Islamic Trading Account

All of our trade interest never goes against Riba principles of Sharia law to win the hearts of Muslims. We also offer Islamic account that can be requested by everyone.

Open your account in 3 simple steps upon your confirmation, verify your identity, fund your account and finally apply for an account, which operates under the Sharia Law. The request will then be forwarded to the relevant department for review and approval. Requests are usually processed within 3 business days.


Live Details

Stock Reports and Indices are available to your attention before the step taken to trade.

Our Database is never about live trading since this is a private and hedge fund company, details are given accordingly to trade let’s say to buy and sell our shares within our community. Better way to profit is to always buy using our auto detector and let us control the sales for your profit.



Trust your intuition

Or you don’t have to, just use our auto detect and you can make profits by applying trade every time you see the dollar sign.

Selling & Buying

Fast Growing

This is not trade, this is sell for profit because we do the fast purchases for you from all the fast growing companies. It just takes few clicks.


Innovative Method

In a trading platform, companies are listed and you can buy and sell accordingly but here at veritas we only trade private share for your benefit. So enjoy the gains as much as you can.

Selling & Buying

High Security

Everytime you log in, you will only notice clear bug free platform because our security team always sweeps out bug more than your logging time.


Encrypted Payment

Every payment details are encrypted by your payment gateway thus we don’t own any of your details neither would we ask for it.


National Security

We don’t ask for details, likewise except your identity we will never ought to share your details with anyone else let it be the banks.


Mobile Payments

As for now only the New Zealand apps are open, ASAP we would launch the international app as our app team are affected by COVID-19


Time Efficient

Like how every platform has it’s time ticked we also have our time ticked but our platform are always open to park before the rush hour time.

Actively buy and sell stocks.

At Veritas you only buy and sell within our community because these shares veritas owns are private and hedge share.

Invest for capital appreciation or dividend income. Focus on large-cap, mid-cap or small-cap company shares. Target domestic or international opportunities. Our platform partners with the big giants and we do it without much ads worldwide to avoid unnecessary traffic.

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Live Continent Update

This is a live update on the major financial support of Veritas Group all over globe.

Shares sold for your profit confirmed platform here are supported financially by the internationally trade marked veritas group all over globe. Every unit sold are from the companies leading which hence makes sure the incentives returned are on point.

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For a complete private trade experience, i have always turned to veritas for my profit gain

Alice Adams

This platform provides extremely valuable insights that I would not be able to discover otherwise and it really compliments the charting tools already available on the terminal to provide an unrivalled technical analysis experience.

Steven Griffin

Veritas provides variety of trade, often more than 100 companies. It is easy and flexible to use and visually very clear. The auto set trade is a helpful tool for our traders.

Linda Porter
Software Architect

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